Unmatched WiFi Surveillance Technology

WiSpear’s products are based on our deep and extensive knowledge of the WiFi technology and years of experience in developing best in class WiFi sensors and surveillance systems. Covered by 20 patents, WiSpear’s unique technology offers unmatched functionality in the WiFi surveillance industry.

Long Range WiFi Surveillance via Digital Beamforming

WiSpear’s unique WiFi sensor is based on digital adaptive WiFi beamforming technology with an array of 10 dual polarity antennas per each WiFi band. Building on over 10 years of on-going development, the proprietary sensor technology is mature and field proven and provides best-in-class, long range and high accuracy detection. The sensor reaches detection ranges of hundreds of meters (dependent on the environmental scenario), up to X10 more than other WiFi sensors.

The sensor can detect and process over 500 emitters in both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz bands and all WiFi protocols simultaneously. 

Location Detection of WiFi Emitters

Based on its unique beamforming technology and using machine learning algorithms, WiSpear’s sensor also processes the RF data to generate accurate direction of arrival (DoA) for each detected Wi-Fi device with accuracy of between 3°- 8°.

By triangulating DoA detection data from two or more sensors the system calculates the emitter’s exact location.

Integrated WiFi and Video

Based on WiFi surveillance data, the system:

  • Controls CCTV cameras in real time to pan, tilt and zoom the camera towards a detected suspect.
  • Enriches stored video with extensive meta data indicating possible threats and detected events.

Multiple WiFi Interception and Data Extraction Methods

Based on our deep understanding of WiFi protocols and systems, WiSpear’s solutions offer authorized law enforcement agencies with multiple methods to perform WiFi interception (Man in The Middle). The system architecture is open in order to support multiple device infection and data extraction tools. 

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