SpearHead – The WiFi Intelligence Gamechanger

SpearHead is an end-to-end WiFi Intelligence solution, enabling law enforcement and intelligence agencies to detect, track, locate and intercept WiFi devices.

Long Range WiFi Interception – using WiSpear’s unique long-range WiFi sensors, the system operates from long ranges of up to hundreds of meters. Eliminating the need to be in close proximity to the suspect changes the game of WiFi intelligence and makes complex surveillance operations possible by dramatically minimizing the risk of exposure and increasing surveillance time.


Ultimate Operational Flexibility – SpearHead can be packaged in several configurations enabling perfect adaptation to various operational challenges.

The SpearHead 360 Mission Vehicle is a covert, standalone, end-to-end WiFi intelligence solution. It includes multiple WiFi sensors and the full range of capabilities required for WiFi Interception.

The SpearHead all-in-one portable solutions (in a backpack or a case) enable the operator to reach any location both indoor and outdoor. By using multiple SpearHead Backpacks the operator can achieve wide coverage areas and accurately detect suspect location.

The SpearHead airborne solutions enable covering wide areas and reaching long ranges.

SpearHead can interoperate with the agency’s back office systems to enable advaced enrichment, enhanced capacity and  additional capacity.

End-to-end WiFi intelligence solution – SpearHead empowers the operator to manage the entire intelligence process from suspect detection to WiFi Interception and information extraction.

Key functionality includes:

  •  Long range operation – all activities, from mass detection of hundreds of WiFi emitters to interception, can be performed from a long range of hundreds of meters
  •  Location detection based of WiFi emitters
  • Multiple methods for WiFi interception (Man In the Middle) to ensure successful operation
  • Open architecture enabling integration with a variety of 3rd party infection and data extraction tools
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