About Us

Intelligence and inteception products

Wispear designs and develops Wi-Fi interlligence and intercetion products that enable Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs), Wispear designs and develops Wi-Fi interlligence and intercetion products.

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Mature first product, based on proven, Best in class & unique Wi-Fi Technology

About WiSpear

WiSpear provides end-to-end WiFi surveillance solutions for the intelligence, homeland security and public safety markets. WiSpear’s products are based on a disruptive long range, directional, beamforming WiFi technology, and on unique and leading SW applications.

Founded in 2016, WiSpear is headquartered in Cyprus, with an R&D center in Kiev, Ukraine.

Our Vision

WiSpear Takes Intelligence and Public Safety to the Next Level by Comprehensively Harnessing WiFi values

Team and Experience

WiSpear founders and team are Intelligence experts with years of expereince in WiFi & RF Technologies, and with solid success history in business and start-up leadership. The deep and extensive knowledge of the WiFi and RF technologies, years of security and intelligence experience and a long track record in developing best in class WiFi sensors and surveillance systems.

Complete tactical and strategic WiFi based solutions

The Wispear product portfolio includes SpearHead, a tactical interception platform and SpearNet, a large area intelligence and surveillance solution for safe cities, borders, airports and critical infrastructure facilities.

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